Lobbyism and public affairs

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Lobbyism and public affairs

Asignatura optativa, impartida en inglés, del Máster universitario de Comunicación corporativa, protocolo y eventos de la UOC

Success at lobbying depends in good measure on the ability to communicate persuasively and convincingly, to the relevant decision-makers, at the adequate time and with the right allies. This course intends to provide students with the working knowledge and tools to learn how to lobby ethically and effectively. 

Lobbying is popularly understood as the activity of trying to persuade or pressure a public authority to support laws or rules that favour an organisation, a group or an individual. Lobbying has an important function in our democracies, despite its bad press. Citizens, individually or through interest groups, have the democratic right to interact with authorities to present their views on public decisions. Lobbying can inform public decision-makers with valuable insights and data while it tries to exert influence on policy-making at all levels.

The main areas in which graduates of this master’s degree may go on to develop careers are communications departments, institutional relations, public relations agencies, and agencies specializing in lobbying and public affairs.


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